LPD™ is a petroleum industry database service offered by Lasser, Inc.

Many segments of the petroleum industry including operators, royalty owners, tax agencies, energy engineers, libraries, scientists, exploration teams and investors, are utilizing our LPD service for detailed reporting and analysis.

In addition to the MANY canned reports and graphs, the data can be exported to third party applications for economics, Google Earth or other mapping programs, Excel, and so on. Many report and graphs can be modified by the user to fit a specific need, then the configurations saved to be used again.

Key Points with LPD

  • LPD has no quota limits
  • LPD subscriptions are by region
  • LPD subscriptions can be updated annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly
  • LPD databases are locally installed so no internet is required for most features
  • LPD can summarize data to create summary production reports and graphs
  • LPD has configurable reports, graphs, and exports
  • LPD allows you to search by a radius of an input lat/long coordinate
  • LPD will export to Google Earth or Excel with a single mouse click

If you are interested in an online database solution please visit: Lasserdata.com.