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Texas Oil and Gas Production Data

Our Lasser Production Data (LPD™) program with our Texas production database is an easy to use Graphical User Interface search engine. We update our Texas production data on a monthly basis and deliver database updates via direct download or on disc. Our Texas database information is from January 1955 through the present, consisting of monthly oil and gas production data on a lease or well basis. The production data is obtained from the Texas Railroad Commission and includes:

* Texas Monthly Oil Production Data
* Texas Monthly Gas Production Data
* Oil & Gas Annual Well Test Reports
* Injection Volumes for Wells (Allocated by Well)
* Oil Disposition Reports (Oil Sales Volumes)
* Gas Disposition Reports (Gas Sales Volumes)
* Texas Well Completion Data
* Texas Oil and Gas Operator Information
* Surface Latitude and Longitude
* Bottom Hole Latitude and Longitude
* RRC Pending Production Data
* Wells with Permits
* Abandoned Well Locations
* Dry Hole Well Locations
* Summary Reports
* Oil and Gas Price Data

Our LPD™ program allows the user to search for leases or wells by:

* Texas Basin
* Commingle Permit Number
* County Name
* Texas RRC District
* Oil and Gas Field Name
* Gas Gatherer
* Oil Gatherer
* Lease Name
* RRC Lease Number
* Texas Operator Name
* Oil and Gas Reservoir Name
* American Petroleum Institute Number
* Plus more

Our LPD™ program generates detailed customizable monthly and annual production reports and graphs. Special features include the ability to mine data using over 200 specific data items, decline curve graphing, well cross reference report, quick look economics report, oil and gas price report, Google Earth export, Lasser Langrid for Google Earth plugin, and a direct export to Microsoft Excel.  Users are able to sort, filter, and organize the search results for easy exporting into familiar file formats compatible with PHDWin, MICA, TCW, Aries, OGRE, GeoGraphix, MIDA-QRC, Petra and most other popular economics and decline curve evaluation programs.