Lasser offers a 15 day limit trial on any one or more LPD™ databases. During the trial you will be able to search and view as much information as you choose. Exports are limited to 25 records at a time which will allow you to test the exported data with 3rd party applications such as PHDWin, Aries, Petra, and so on.

To request a free trial of one or more LPD databases please sign Contact Us.

If you want to see how LPD works but do not want to fill out the License Agreement yet, you can download a DEMO. The DEMO is a fully functioning program with a limited (not current) data set from multiple databases.

Call 800-489-3282 for more information or to receive the license agreement via fax. Each customer is eligible for 1 trial per database area. Note: The Agreement must be signed by an officer of your company.