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LPD™ Northeastern US

LPD™ Northeast is a menu-driven database system distributed on CD-ROM and consisting of monthly oil and gas production information for leases located within the states of Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The data is obtained from various state agencies’ data sources and has beginning production dates as follows:

* Kentucky production data begins in 01/1997
* Mississippi production data begins in 12/1969
* New York production data begins in 01/1985
* Ohio production data begins in 01/1924
* Pennsylvania production data begins in 01/1961
* Virginia production data begins in 01/2005
* West Virginia production data begins in 01/1953

The data includes:

* Monthly Oil & Gas Production
* Oil Disposition Reports (Oil Sales Volumes)
* Gas Disposition Reports (Gas Sales Volumes)
* Surface Latitude and Longitude
* Bottom Hole Latitude and Longitude

LPD™ allows the user to search for leases by:

* API Number
* Basin
* County, field or lease name or number
* Location (township, range and section)
* Operators name or number
* Reservoir name
* Plus more

LPD™ will create annual and monthly production details. Special features include the ability to load, filter, and sort either small or large numbers of oil and gas leases, view or print pre-made reports, and the ability to create custom user defined reports, summaries and custom graphs. Additionally the data is easily imported into PHDWin, MICA, TCW, Aries, OGRE, GeoGraphix, MIDA-QRC, Petra and most other popular economics and decline curve evaluation programs.