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LPD™ Rocky Mountain

LPD™ Rocky Mountain is a menu-driven database system distributed on CDROM and consists of monthly oil and gas production information, well information, and other information as provided by the state agencies. The Rocky Mountain database currently contains various production, header, and well information for wells in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

The data is obtained from various State agencies in the region beginning production dates as follows:

* Arizona Production Begins in 12/1954
* Colorado Production Begins in 01/1999
* Montana Production Begins in 01/1986
* Nebraska Production Begins in 09/1951
* North Dakota Production Begins in 04/1951
* South Dakota Production Begins in 01/1954
* Utah Production Begins in 01/1984
* Wyoming: Production Begins in 12/1922

LPD™ allows the user to search for leases by:

* County, field or lease name or number
* Gatherer’s name
* Location (township, range and section)
* API Number * Operators name or number
* Plus more

LPD™ will create annual and monthly production reports, user defined one line reports, summaries, and custom rate vs. rate/time graphs. The data is easily imported into most popular economics and decline curve evaluation programs.