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Note: When prompted please click ‘Run’ (or save then run) and wait for the request to start.

Specific questions may be answered using the topics listed in the drop lists below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please Contact Us for further assistance.

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LPD™ Program Update
Updating your LPD™ can be done by downloading the current version. Most users that have LPD™ installed on a "stand alone" computer will need to select "Standard Installation" during the setup. If the program is on a server please call 1-800-489-3282 and ask for support so that we can provide assistance.

Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows with “Smart Screen” enabled may give you a notice similar to the following:

If this occurs click on ‘More info’ link in the message and choose the option to ‘Run anyway’.

Windows XP users: LPD Versions created after October 2015 are not compatible with Windows XP. The last compatible version for Windows XP can be downloaded here.